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Frequently Asked Questions

The Freight Pass is a specialized parking pass designed for truckers, providing guaranteed access to secure and convenient parking spaces at our extensive network of partner locations.

Once you purchase the Freight Pass, you gain access to our nationwide network of partner facilities. Simply present your pass at any participating location, and you’ll have a reserved parking spot waiting for your truck.

Our partner locations are strategically situated across the country, ensuring comprehensive coverage for truckers on various routes. Whether you’re on a regional or cross-country journey, you’ll find a reliable parking option.

The Freight Pass is intended for use by a single truck and driver. If you have a fleet or multiple drivers, consider purchasing additional passes to ensure each truck has dedicated parking.

Yes, the Freight Pass guarantees you a parking spot at any partner location. However, please note that spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s recommended to arrive in a timely manner.

Many of our partner locations offer amenities such as well-lit parking areas, restrooms, dining options, and fuel stations. The specific amenities may vary by location, so check our partner directory for details.

You can easily purchase a Freight Pass on our website. Select the pass that suits your needs, complete the purchase process, and your pass will be ready for use immediately.

Refund policies may vary, so please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information. In general, refunds are subject to the terms specified at the time of purchase.

Absolutely! The Freight Pass not only saves you time and frustration by guaranteeing parking but also contributes to cost savings by reducing fuel consumption and time spent searching for available spots.

The Freight Pass is typically valid for a specified duration, depending on the type of pass you purchase. Check the details at the time of purchase or refer to your pass documentation for expiration information.

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